Dragon Ball

Cipriani Monaco

Dragon Ball: The Galaxy is in Danger. For a boy’s birthday, we organized a World Martial Arts Tournament where not only Earthlings but also inhabitants of other planets took part. It was a real space adventure, a detective story, and a cultural tour of Japanese traditions.

Festival guests joined a Japanese master class and calligraphy performance, learning the meaning and power of hieroglyphs and writing their names on papyrus. Children found it fascinating to discover the traditions of the distant eastern country, learn martial arts, and try unusual tasty sweets. All of this was enjoyed with their favorite characters from “Dragon Ball.”

Kids love the Tesla Show! Electric discharges, lightning, fireworks from sparks, and unique emotions make for an unforgettable experience.

The best animators are those who have studied acting and devoted their lives to children. Professional presenters, “senior comrades,” they are the most long-awaited guests at any children’s party!

Zoom in on the cake. The main attraction of the party is full of precision and details, a true piece of art.

We can create cakes of any design complexity. Just make a wish!