La Russie en Provence

The atmosphere of this evening was “La Russie en Provence”. We invited guests to plunge into the memories of the time when they were children, surrounded by grandmother’s warmth and mother’s care. Returning to the roots, turning to traditions, values ​​laid by parents, spiritual development, the way to oneself. We ruled out the lush decor and created a fabulous atmosphere of the folk fairy-tale, following all the canons of the Russian, Ukrainian and Provencal village style.

While decorating the space, we adhered to exquisite simplicity. A team of 86 technicians and specialists was involved in set-up of this event. At FunkyFox we love to involve guests into the show, giving a mind changing and totally interactive experience. For “La Russie en Provence” we have chosen a studio, who possesses an authentic manner of singing as well as collects traditional old Russian songs and games, Folk Rock band and Gipsy Artists.