Alice in Wonderland

Manoir d’Etang, Mougins

Are you ready to tumble down the rabbit hole and embark on a magical journey with us to Alice in Wonderland? Get ready for extraordinary adventures and meet the enchanting characters of this whimsical event!

You’ll encounter the Mad Hatter, the mysterious Cheshire Cat, and, of course, Alice herself. Together with them, you’ll delve into a world of fantasy and take on challenges that will test your bravery and creativity.

Follow the mysterious paths of Wonderland, where you’ll find playful games, craft workshops to create marvelous creations, magical performances, and unforgettable moments that will be etched in your memory forever. Draw with the Queen of Hearts, join tea parties with the Mad Hatter, and explore the enchanting corners of Wonderland alongside Alice.

But the most astonishing part is yet to come! In the grand finale of the event, you’ll be treated to a magnificent tea party with delectable treats and a magical cake that reveals its secrets. Share this unforgettable moment with friends and loved ones, creating a magical atmosphere and memories that will accompany you throughout your life.

Welcome to Wonderland, where fairy tales come to life! Join Alice on an extraordinary journey where magic, adventure, and limitless possibilities await. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in this enchanting world where every moment is filled with wonder. Prepare for an unforgettable experience and open the door to magic with Alice in Wonderland!