Miss Prestige Cannes 2018

Residence PARC DU CAP

For Miss Prestige Cannes International contest 2018 we have chosen light, almost invisible contours, transparent furniture, surfaces reflecting the pink sunset, glass, silver mirror accents, crystal chandeliers hanging from the sky, LED bubbles rising from the swimming pool of a gorgeous penthouse roof in the Residence PARC DU CAP, a part of Famous Cauldwell Collection.

We have taken as an inspiration a color of Lavender, slightly violet. All flower decoration had a lavender theme, with some fresh green, white and pink touch, to reflect the beauty, youth and energy of the contestants.

Miss Prestige Cannes International Contest 2018 had support of more than 35 sponsors. It was our challenge to draw enough of attention to every brand during the cocktail and gala dinner.

One of the creative ideas that we have realized for Profumi di Siena company was that all the evening the guests were invited to breathe in different scents: scent of love, scent of passion, scent of elegance, scent of energy, and to guess them by ingredients.

Every scent was accompanied by a different show Defile on the stage, in order to compose and inaugurate in the end, for a Beauty Queen 2018, Miss Prestige Cannes International Contest – an ideal scent of Victory, a scent of a perfect woman, presented by another sponsor Exaltum Perfume company was creating their unique scent “Miss Prestige” company for a period of 6 months. Now you can purchase that special scent in the perfumeries nearby.

The idea of Miss Prestige Cannes International concept is to accept as the participants only already titled and crowned beauties,talented, socially active, involved with charity organizations, successful business ladies, married and often moms of several kids. We created the entire event, as the founder of this content wished. Our team has choreographed each defile of the finalists, taken care of scenario, every word for master of ceremony was written by us, timing and music – Funky Fox.

Talent show by the finalists of Miss Prestige Cannes International Contest 2018. It was a great challenge as the 9 finalists had only 2 days of rehearsals to perform an individual show on the stage with dancers. Thanks for the great support to our dancers. We could make it!

“My Dear Funky Fox Team,
Dear Olga,

The first thing, that I felt this morning, as I woke up, is a deep overwhelming gratitude to you and your professional team. The way you managed to realize exactly what I imagined, the way you made my dreams come true. It was exceptional!

The success of this event was extremely important to me, and you did put it on a new highest level. Thank you for being responsible, creative, friendly, sincere, positive, for making me feel comfortable every minute.

Love you and all your FunkyFox team with all my heart!”