Nutcracker Polina’s Dream

For each event we create an artistic production. We write a script, record voices, sounds, work on choreography, design and build costumes. Should it be a musical? Should it be a theatre play?

Polina was turning 5, and being a very talented girl, she enjoys singing, dancing and being on stage. We adapted for her a famous fairytale of Nutcracker.

She became Mary and has got the main role in the show! All her friends were helping her to fight a giant Mouse-King, break the spell and save the prince.

Boys and girls were learning the royal manners, how to create and use the sword, how to dance with a queen, sing karaoke, solve tricky riddles, and of course play a lot of games.

Triple Chocolate Banana Cake with pink ballet sugar cover and Games for Polina’s Nutcracker. PaperDiscotheque – a hit of the year, giant parachute games, make-up for kids, soap balloons show, magic tricks, freeze and dance marathon games, popping balls, collecting puzzles, running, jumping, rolling, falling – all that children love. All that they dream about!